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By Alex Brenan, Sep 18 2016 03:19PM

It is with enormous joy in my heart that I publish my memoir this month “Peeling Away The Mask to get to the heart of what really matters.” I share with you heart and soul, what it has taken to move from being a dysfunctional young adult, as a result of ancestral patterns and early childhood trauma, to a minister of spirit and love in the world.

Many of us wear masks in order to fit in with family life, schools, careers and even religious beliefs. Peeling them away can feel daunting. When, at the age of forty, I was hit with a debilitating illness for which there is no cure, I was determined to find a solution. My body was crying out for me to live in a different way, to change my world view. The story is both an inner and an outer journey.

Convinced that my dis-ease was partly due to ancestral patterns and the cumulative effects of difficult relationships within my family, I was able to unearth an early childhood trauma which had been buried deep in my consciousness in a form of denial. Through a variety of healing arts, particularly Shiatsu and Sound Healing, I found my true voice, regained physical strength and discovered my True Self. Immediately following my Naked Voice training I made a 7 month sacred pilgrimage with my husband. This journey opened my awareness to multi-faith cultures and inspired me to train as a OneSpirit Interfaith minister for all faiths and none.

The book begins when I am forty, looking back into childhood, early relationships to young marriage, to motherhood, into my illness which struck at 40 and the many healing art forms which strengthened and healed me. I then moved into a more mature way of loving in my second marriage and in my role as a grandmother, at the same time as working as a voice facilitator and minister.

Maybe ” Peeling Away” is a blueprint for others too. I know at this particular time of year, as we near the Equinox, we are presented with a chance to balance the lightness of summertime with the darkness of winter. I encourage all those who are drawn to purchasing my book to honour the balance of darkness and light in my story. I felt it necessary to begin with the darkness of my life in order for the reader to feel the magic of what it feels like to move into the light. We are all darkness and light, and my journey has been to acquaint myself with that aspect of myself in order to make friends with it, heal and move on.

There are strong themes about Energy and the Human Body, about how we can find our voice within Relationships, of Pilgrimage and the power of developing personal awareness through living in the moment and being Present. These give rise to an understanding of what LOVE really is and just how much it mattered to me and probably to us all, as we awaken to higher levels of consciousness, to be who we truly are in service to the earth and our world as a whole. ENJOY!

PEELING AWAY is available through my website www.hilaryfranklin.com

Hilary Franklin, OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Voice Facilitator

By Alex Brenan, Mar 25 2014 12:03PM

25/03/14 I have just spent a wonderful five days at the Naked Voice retreat "A WAY of LOVE" at Buckland Hall, near Abergavenny, Wales. It was a time of great joy being in the presence of LOVE and connecting with this rich community of men and women. It was an international event with people from eight countries singing the songlines of their ancient wisdom and culture. it was a space where so easily we dropped into a field of deep listening and authenticity through the sounds and silence of our inner voice. Such deep connections were made through this process and I had the privelege of facilitating the Graduation Ceremony this year for five new Facilitators coming into the Singing Field- thank you Chloe for this honour. I am also thrilled to be witness to new applicants for the Naked Voice Training coming my way as mentees for the next two years. This work as a mentor brings me great delight and joy, observing the growth of each trainee facilitator as they move through the training.

"There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousnes has a quality impossible to describe". Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

By Alex Brenan, Mar 9 2014 09:18AM

A very warm welcome to this my first Blog for the opening of my new websites - Hilary Franklin and Ceremonies with Spirit.

Over the past 9 months I have had the joy of working with my son, Alex Brenan (ab@alexbrenan.com) who has inspired me through his own creative process to really put my heart and soul into these websites in what we hope, is a very simple accessible way (please see his website www.alexbrenan.com.) We wanted it to be accessible to all people whether already on the spiritual pathway or not, just as my ministry is for all faiths and none. With my belief and understanding that we are "all ONE" in the service of LOVE, thats the only way it could be.

So spring has sprung in the UK during the last few days and what a blessing that is - with bright blue skies and sunshine. It feels appropriate to launch myself into the world in a new way- so welcome and please come again and keep in touch with me through my blog and my regular newsletters.

"If you look around you can see and find a face of God in each thing, because he/she is not hidden in a church in a mosque or in a synagogue, but everywhere."

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